Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Job Interview Guidelines

hai once again. hihi! for the first time im writing in english. forsure i will use broken english here and there. silly me! but just let me try something new. let me learn from my mistake. hohoho! ouh yea since i m preparing myself for my new job interview so i feels like want to share some info with you guys out there. lets read.

first of all you must read the job description and company profile carefully so that you are aware of the job details when an employer calls you about your application. if the job advertisement does not contain enough information ask the employer for more details. remember to write down the name and contact number of the recruiter in case you need to call back later. prepare for the interview by finding out more about the company the job and the industry. be punctual for your interview. bring your resume transcripts certificates and relevant documents to the interview.

IMPORTANT! if you cannot attend the confirmed interview for whatever reason you must contact the employer at least one day beforehand to let them know. keeping a good interview attendance record will help to ensure opportunities for interview in the future. as employers they have the right to share their 'NoShow' and late cancellation records. if you do not have the employer's contact details look under the company profile in the application status page or you can google the company's web and check their contact details. or else you can check in the telephone book or yellow pages might be one of good choices to search any contact details you want to.

lastly send the employer a thank you email after the interview. follow up with the employer on the status of the interview after two or three days later. this will shows your interest for the job and may increase your chances of success. ok. thats all i can share here. good luck guys!

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